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Classes are held every Tuesday and Wednesday evening either at 6 or 7:00 PM.  All classes are held at HVOC's training grounds which are completely fenced and lighted.  Classes are 7 weeks long and each class session runs 45-60 minutes.  The only exception is the first session of the Puppy Class and Beginner Level 1.  These two classes have a two-hour orientation for the first class.  No dogs allowed at the orientation.  Please consult the schedule for exact start times for each class.  Register online at the Class Registration page.

Confirmation of Registration
Confirmation of your registration will be sent to you prior to the start of your class.  In the event the class is full or your application was received after the closing date, you will be given an opportunity to reschedule at a later date or your money will be refunded.

Does the Club give refunds?
Normally there are no refunds.  If your instructor feels that your dog is too aggressive for a group environment, you will be given a refund and recommendation for private instruction or behavior consultation.

How much does it cost?
Standard fee: $85 per 7-week course.
Shelter or breed Rescue dogs:  $50 for first 7-week course only (proof of adoption from valid agency must be attached to check).  If paying by PayPal bring proof of adoption to orientation class.
Conformation Ptractice Ring:  $5 per night.

Which class should I take?
(See descriptions and admission criteria below)

Beginning Home Obedience:  Puppy Class (3-5 months), Beginner 1 and 2, and Commmunity Canine Class.  These classes all emphasize communication, control, management, problem solving, and good manners.

Competition Obedience:  If you are interested in competing in AKC or UKC licensed trials, we offer Novice, Open, Utility, and Rally classes to achieve Obedience and/or Rally titles.

Class Descriptions

Puppy Class
For puppies 2 to 5 months of age.  Puppies are taught simple obedience behaviors very gently.  Only buckle collars are necessary.  Emphasis is on socialization and increasing the puppy':s self-confidence as well as basic care and safe management of puppies.

There will be numerous short training interludes integrated within the play session.  Owners will be learning how to observe, handle and train their puppies while the puppies are learning to play with other puppies and socialize with the owners.

Admission Criteria:  Must be a puppy 3-5 months old.  At least two sets of puppy shots are preferred.  Equipment needed: buckle collar and soft treats.  If a particular puppy is too large at 5 months, the owner should be referred to a Beginner 1 class.

Beginner Level 1
For dogs 5 to 6 months of age or older.  This is the first level of classes after puppy class.  Standard obedience behaviors are taught so the dog is starting to learn more acceptable behaviors when walking on a leash, greeting people and better control in the home.  Understanding dog behavior and dealing with the average problems is also addressed.  Download a copy of the Beginner 1 Course Summary and the weekly outline in doc format.  Both the Summary and weekly outline are also available in pdf format.

Admission Criteria:  No prior behaviors are required.  However, if a dog is determined to be too aggressive to people or other dogs, they may be asked to leave.  A refund and recommendation for private training should be given.  If the dog is just a little fearful and needs gentle exposure to other dogs and people, the dog may be admitted.  But caution should be exercised in approaching the dog and having him or her too close to other dogs.

Beginner Level 2
Emphasis is on developing more reliable responses to obedience commands under more distracting circumstances.  This class could be for owners not interested in competition but who want a more reliable, confident dog that would be safe in most situations.  However, owners who are interested in competing may want to enter this class if their dog is still fairly immature and needs more exposure to other dogs before he can calmly learn more advanced skills.  A well-mannered, obedient companion is the goal of this class.  Graduates will take the Canine Good Citizen exam after successfully completing the course.


Class meetings:  This class will consist of 7 action-packed weeks of instruction, and class members will participate in the CGC test given on a Saturday morning following the completion of the Beginner II term.
Admission Criteria:  Students who have received approval from their HVOC Beginner 1 instructors are eligible.  Applicants who have taken a beginner obedience class outside of HVOC may ask to be reviewed for eligibility on the first night of class.  General admission criteria are a dog that can walk nicely on a leash and respond to verbal commands to sit, down, come and stay without excessive physical manipulation.  If the dog does not meet these criteria, then Beginner 1 might be more appropriate.  Note: Any applicants who have not previously attended the two-hour orientation class for the Beginner 1 and Puppy class should attend this class before enrolling in the Beginner 2 class.

Community Canine Class
Focuses on increased socialization with other dogs and people, confidence building, and creating a stronger bond between dog and handler. The curriculum will be based upon the requirements of the AKC Community Canine Program which is the Advanced Canine Good Citizen Title. The goal is to increase the dog's skills in a more natural setting, rather than a controlled ring or training facility. Different approaches will be explored in the teaching process, tricks, games, a neighborhood walk and a more reliable recall. Upon completion of the course, dog-handler teams who have already passed the CGC evaluation will be able to take the Community Canine Evaluation. This will take place either on the training field or at an off-site location.

Prerequisite: Dogs who have a CGC certificate or have successfully passed HVOC's Beginner 2 class.

The foundation class for the competitive obedience classes.  Focus is on prompt, attentive and technically correct response to the obedience commands needed for the beginning competition dog and handler. 

Admission Criteria:  Most dogs successfully completing a Beginner 1 or 2 class may be eligible for this class.  Dogs should be mature and calm enough in a group setting to focus and learn some of the more advanced skills.  Dogs should be able to respond to the owners verbal commands to sit, down and come without needing excessive physical manipulations, and can walk with the owner under reasonable control.  This class is for the owner interested in competition.

Beginning/Intermediate Novice
All ring procedures for the Novice class are practiced.  Emphasis is on attention and reliability.

Admission Criteria:  This is for dogs who have successfully completed Subnovice or can demonstrate that they can:
  • Heel on leash with reasonable attention doing standard heel patterns including change of pace and all the turns and sit promptly at all halts.
  • Respond promptly to all commands to sit, down, back, finish and come regardless of the position of the handler.
  • Heel on leash in a 30 feet circle without food or toys.
  • Maintain a solid stand stay on leash while being examined by another person without feet movement or change in position.
  • Maintain a sit stay for 2 minutes and down stay for 3 minutes with mild distractions present.

Advanced Novice
(Ring prep)

All ring procedures and rules for Novice are practiced.
Emphasis is on preparing dog and handler to compete at the Novice level.

Admission Criteria:  This is for dogs who have successfully completed Novice or can demonstrate that they can:
  • Heel off leash with attention doing standard heeling pattern without food or toys.
  • Respond promptly to all commands; heel, sit, down, stay, come.
  • Maintain a solid stand stay off leash while being examined.
  • Maintain a sit and down stay with reasonable distractions.

Teaches all skills to compete in Rally.  In Rally, dog and handler follow a course in which they independently perform the exercises indicated by multiple signs using positive reinforcement.

Admission Criteria:  This is for dogs who have successfully completed Subnovice I or can demonstrate that they can:
  • Respond to a come command and sit somewhere near front position.
  • Stand, sit and down with the owner at the dog':s side.
  • Tolerate a mild exam on the stand for exam.
  • Do one of the finishes, even if not perfectly.
  • Do a one minute sit and down stay with the owner 6 feet in front of the dog.
  • Heel reasonably well at owners side, doing a large circle to the left.

Dogs entering should be mature and calm enough in a group setting to focus and learn some of the more advanced skills.  Dogs should be able to respond to the owner':s verbal commands to sit, down and come without needing excessive physical manipulations, and can walk with the owner under reasonable control.
For dogs passing Beginning Rally or who are able to comfortably do most of the exercises in Rally Novice.

Beginning Open
Foundation exercises for Open are taught, such as the retrieve, jumping, and drop on recall.  Dogs may advance to the regular Open class once they are starting to do the individual behaviors required for those rings.

Admission Criteria:  Must have successfully completed the Novice class and be under control off-leash.

All the standard exercises for the Open class are practiced.  Dogs should be able to do simple retrieves and jumping for entry into class.  Emphasis is on reliability regardless of distractions.

Admission Criteria:  All the standard exercises for the Open class are practiced.  Emphasis is on reliability regardless of distractions.  Dog must have successfully completed the Beginning Open class or have instructor':s permission.
  • Reliably do all the Novice exercises off leash.
  • Retrieve a thrown dumbbell 10 feet without distractions.
  • Do a moving drop on recall without distractions.
  • Jump over a high jump holding a dumbbell and return to the handler.
  • Jump over a broad jump without distractions.
  • Do an out of sight long sit and down for at least 1 minute.

All the standard exercises for the Utility class are practiced.  Dogs should have some of the utility foundation exercises for entry into this class.  Emphasis is on reliability with varying circumstances.

Admission Criteria:  This is for dogs who have successfully completed the Open class or can demonstrate that they can do all of the Open exercises off leash.  Even if unreliable, they should also be able to attempt do most of the utility exercises without distractions.

Silver Muzzles
This class will provide mental and physical enrichment for your aging best friend.  The class includes scent games, trick training, puzzle toys, low level obstacles and body work to keep your Senior Dog's mind and body active and happy.

Prerequisite: Senior dogs 8 years and older with Veterinarian approval that will work safely around people and dogs on leash.

Introduction to Motivation
This class teaches the basics of motivation, the importance of orientation, and the skill of interactive food rewards.  Emphasis is placed on the use of movement to build drive, and the effective use of hand targets.  The goals of this class are to increase drive for the reward, promote attention to the handler, and develop better teamwork.

Advanced Motivation
This class uses the skills learned in the Introductory class, and applies them to various training scenarios.  Distractions, ring entrances, judge approach pressure, fronts, and heeling are all topics that will be addressed.  Each session of this class will have a special emphasis on a particular aspect of ring performance.

Prerequisite The Introduction class is a prerequisite, unless granted permission by the instructor.

Conformation Ring Prep
This is an ongoing practice class for the conformation ring.  It is available weekly on a drop-in basis for a $5.00 fee each night.  While very limited instruction is provided, participants are able to hone their conformation handling skills by gaiting, stacking, and having their dogs examined in a conformation ring setting by professional handlers, successful exhibitors, and judges.  No checks accepted.


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Policy Regarding Children on Training Grounds

Due to the potential for injury, no children under 10 years of age can be on HVOC':s training grounds without supervision and permission from the instructor of the class.  A parent is the primary trainer in class in the Puppy and Beginner 1 class.  If children do accompany a parent and get permission of the instructor, they must sit quietly by the fence and not be disruptive to other dogs and classes.


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Beginner 1

Tues 7:00 pm & Wed 7:00 pm
Tues 7:00 pm;
Wed 6:00 pm & 7:00 pm

Orientation Days: January 14, March 11, May 13, July 15, September 16

Tuesday Puppy & Beginner 1
January 17 - February 28
March 14 - April 25
May 16 - June 27
July 18 - August 29
September 19 - October 31

Wednesday Beginner 1
January 18 - March 1
March 15 - April 26
May 17 - June 28
July 19 - August 30
September 20 - November 1

All dogs must be current on their vaccination.  Please bring proof of your dog':s vaccination (Rabies & DHLPP) to the first night of class.  If not shown by the second night of class, the dog will not be permitted on the grounds.


Tuesday 6:00 pm
January 17 - February 28
March 14 - April 25
May 16 - June 27
July 18 - August 29
September 19 - October 31


Beginner 2
Beginning Rally
Advanced Rally
Silver Muzzles
Introduction to Motivation
Advanced Modification
Beginning Open

Tues & Wed 7:00 pm
Wed  6:00 pm
Tues  6:00 pm
Wed 7:00 pm
Tues 6:00 pm
Tues 6:00 pm
Tues 6:00 pm
Tues 6:00 pm
Wed 6:00 pm
Wed 6:00 pm
Wed  7:00 pm

Tuesday Advanced Classes
January 17 - February 28
March 14 - April 25
May 16 - June 27
July 18 - August 29
September 19 - October 31

Wednesday Advanced Classes
January 18 - March 1
March 15 - April 26
May 17 - June 28
July 19 - August 30
September 20- November 1

(ongoing drop-in)

Conformation Ring

Tues 7:00 pm

Confirm class time on the Register page.
There can be modifications to this schedule.


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